Monday, January 25, 2010

Finally the snow!

Saturday was the day we were finally able to play in the snow, since we had none here we decided to go to the pass with our good friends the Pynns. After driving about an hour total and stopping a few times at several places to find "free" sledding which by the way never happened.
We finally gave up and found a place called "The snow park." We couldn't believe that it costs $20 just to park but with a free pass from some people leaving, and scrambling up change we made it...

The kids got a great nap on the way

Let the fun day begin

After going down once Trey was loving every minute

It was our turn wheeeee

Trey never wanted to stop

We couldn't get maddie to stop she was having so much fun

laughing the whole way down

We finally got to go down together

Avery and Maddie together again having such a blast.
Gotta love Maddie's "snowsuit" thanks to my mom's friend that designs these.

Taking a break for a family picture

Thanks to the Pynns we had yummy hot cocoa before heading home.

We had so much fun eating subs, sledding, drinking cocoa, and being with good friends. Thanks guys for a perfect day!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Our Choo Choo boy

I know this post is late but better to do it now than never.This is the morning of Trey's second birthday December 27th but since we were heading to church he had to wait for the fun until afterwards.

Our cute kids ready for church

After dinner we got a chocolate cookie for him since he doesn't like cake or ice cream at all.
He loved blowing out the candles and did a great job

Yeah Trey!

mmmm yummy!

He was so excited about this gift since he was so possessive with his cousins and wouldn't put it down. He just growled all night.

Taking a break from opening his gifts

His first tricycle

Birthday Party at Bellevue Square

This is one of Trey's favorite places to play so I thought why not do his party since it was not only free but perfect for kids.

As I posted before Trey pretty much will only eat cookies so we found this amazing place called "Cookie Design" and ordered 2 pizza cookies. They were a huge hit...

Mommy and Trey Trey

Blowing out the candles

Kids taking a break from playing for food yum!

Makenna and Trey such good friends

cute little cousin Kyla taking a break

We had a great time with Grandma

Trey thanks you all for coming and for the fun gifts we are so grateful to have such great friends and family.

Happy Birthday to our sweet boy we love you so much!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stevens Family Christmas

Our Christmas holiday started out with a not so good car accident that I was involved in down in Portland, OR. I was the front of the 3 car crash and was hit the least luckily. The other two vehicles were towed away and one was totalled. Now dealing with the insurance of the woman that caused it, well that is a whole different story.

The next day I was able to meet up with some of my girlfriends from High School for a play date at Ericka's we had a great time.

On the 23rd we went to my family's house for homemade soup and BINGO. We had a great time hanging with Adam/Britney who reside in Rexburg ID, and Matthew/Kim/Talmadge who reside in Boise ID. It was just the beginning of a fun couple of days.

Madelyn and Hudson with Uncle Adam

Uncle Matthew and Maddie

We all made "family" gingerbread houses which was so much fun especially watching the little ones eat all the candy.

Mom with all of her girls

Daddy and Trey hanging out

We also celebrated Talmadge and Trey 2nd birthday since they are only 10 days apart! Happy Birthday Boys...

Christmas Eve

Family Picture its a copy though I will post them soon when I download it. First family picture together with all the kids and our newest addition Britney

We had Christmas Eve chinese dinner at the church where we could all fit, it was perfect for everyone. Guys were able to play b-ball, kids played with all the toys, jeapordy which was a blast, and to finish it off "Santa's reindeer" brought everyone Jammies.
Christmas Day

Maddie and Trey were so excited to see what Santa brought them

got my hubby his "UW" Husky snugglie

Britney got Adam his "lego train" he has wanted it since he was a kid

All of us kids went in together for a brand new stainless microwave for my parents. They have had two in their kitchen for years and years one turns and the other won't fit certain plates, so finally they are updated.

Mom and Dad got their first laptop that was their own and not dad's company one

We did one special thing for eachother and Chad made the most amazing and adorable calendar with pictures from 2009. I love it

Hudson and Maddie talking to eachother on their phones and having a great time together

Grandpa and his favorite little girl

To finish off a wonderful christmas we all jammed out to Beatles not to mention the guys "Naughty" jammies only mom would do these.

Trey and Talmadge rockin out!!!
Thank you so much for an amazing Christmas we had so much fun being all together can't wait until 2011. Love you all