Sunday, January 20, 2013

Grandma visits/Disneyland

November started out with a fun weekend! Grandma was coming for work and we wanted to do something on Saturday one of the 3 days she was here. Why not DISNEYLAND! We have some very good friends that is so generous to make that happen for us since he is a mgr at the hotel. We surprised the kids with their first visit and definitely not the last. 

They had no idea until we got there. Sorry the video is turned the wrong way

We have arrived to the Happiest place on Earth

1st character they saw Minnie Mouse

Over to CARS LAND!!! They loved it

We hoped we would see a celebrity and we did Sophia Grace and Rosie

1st ride they wanted to go on the Carousal

Grandma and Ty getting ready to go

Firetruck in CARS Land while waiting for Grandma and Daddy on Screamin

Dumbo a definite must

waiting for Cars ride

Gotta love MATER

Loving this beautiful day 

Toy Story Mania. Ty loved it almost as much as Daddy

Grandma and Maddie with her new hat on

"Not Large But In Charge" so fitting for this kid

It's a Small World after all

heading over to the parade it was getting late but so much still to see

Ty loved being on our shoulders walking around

They are strong....PULL

As you can see from Trey's face it was getting late and cold

We had so much fun with Grandma

Out of order... PARADE TIME
Don't you love this facial expression!

Maddie had the attention of all the princesses smiling and waving at her

Especially Rapunzel she waved and blew a kiss to her

Enjoying the parade together

The kids were having the best time ever

This poster speaks the truth

You wouldn't know it was almost 12am
Someone got a second wind at 12am

Waiting for the fireworks :( which got cancelled because of wind

Snuggling up with the Disney blanket

Last ride of the night BUZZ again

Trey's Light Saber we made (not easy)
Waiting for the Tram to come to take us back to the car
A fun and fabulous day! Exhausted 
 Fun day but ready for home
In the dazed zone of exhaustion

Happiest place on earth!
We will be back

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Catching up on fall fun

White Coat Ceremony

Before school started Chad and I went to his White Coat Ceremony which was such a wonderful and special day. I couldn't be prouder of my hubby and the hard work that he has put in to get this far. This is just the beginning but such an exciting adventure ahead.

First day of School

Trey starts Preschool and speech
Maddie starts 1st grade

Chad starts Physical Therapy Grad School 

The first day of school for the kids went well, and as for Chad it will be a long 3 years but definitely worth it in the end. 
Ty was so sad that Mamma and Trey Trey and Daddy were gone.
 It's just you and me little man

Ty's 2nd Birthday

We had so much fun celebrating our sweet boy's birthday this year in Cali. Ty loves to swim so we thought it would be perfect to have a party at our pool in 90 degree weather in Sept!! Thank you everyone for the sweet gifts and such a fun time. We love you Ty so much and are so blessed to have you apart of our family.

 October started out with a fun visit from my Mom and Sister in law Kim. We were fortunate to have beautiful weather and a fun day at Disneyland with just US.
Disneyland here we come
Mom loving CARS ride

Nana on Ariel. Only mom would wear the ears

California Adventure
We had the best day together despite the lines it was so much fun spending time with Mom and Kim being kids all over


A month prior some friends and I signed up for Ellen tickets and a few days later we received a call that we had gotten priority tickets. We went there that day thinking it would just be awesome to be there at the show not knowing that my mom would get picked to do her "Knotts Scary Farm" at the end of the month. She went through a haunted hallway and they liked her so much that they flew her two weeks later to join Amy the writer for a day of fun. She had such an amazing experience but not sure if she will go through anymore haunted houses. Thanks Ellen for Mom's special day.

Huntington Beach
We found a perfect day for the beach to have fun in the sand with the kids

Kim and I having fun in the sunshine


Aunt Kim with Ty Ty
Love this boy
Handstands with my sweet girl

Thank you Mom and Kim for such a fun week can't wait to do it again. Love you both so muchCOME ON DOWN!!!!
We had so much fun with this amazing couple on October 1st. We went to the show Price is Right! and had a complete blast even though we weren't picked we were shown on TV throughout the whole show. definitely will go back!
Add caption

 Thanks so much for coming with us Silagy's can't wait for many more memories


Our cute power rangers and Pinkalicious fairy

Maddie and good friend Blake Silagyi

We love these guys Burt and Mary Poppins (Silagyi)

Pumpkin Patch
This is how we do it in California shorts and sunshine
Fun family day

Carving Pumpkin family night
painting pumpkins this year was a great idea even for Ty
They decorated their own.  Trey totally got into it
Our little Artist
All 3 completed

At Maddie's school for Halloween parade
Dinner with Silagyi's before Sonic
Trick or Treating fun in Chino Hills making their own Candy sand stick
Definitely a HIT

 A good friend from Vancouver Wa came to visit family so we met them at the beach for the day. The kids and I had a great time. Thank you Gemia we miss you all.

To be continued....