Thursday, February 10, 2011


4 months old

Our adorable "healthy"16lb little boy is so happy and smiling all the time. we all love to squeeze his cheeks, play, and snuggle with him all day.

Sophie turns 4
Maddie's good friend Sophie celebrated her birthday with a fun Princess Party everyone had a fun time dancing, eating, decorating crowns, and finished the party with delicious cupcakes.

Maddie love to pose almost anytime the camera is on her

cute girls decorating their princess crowns

my beautiful Sleeping Beauty

dancing, dancing, dancing

love the outfits on these kids
Thanks Sophie for a fabulous party! We love you

UW Gymnastics girls night out
January 28th I decided to take Maddie and Grandma out for a fun girls night to the UW gymnastics meet. We had so much fun watching the very talented girls, but the best part was to see Madelyn enjoying every second as she watched the screen more than the floor since we were up above.

"It's my first ticket"

Grandma and M.G. (what grandma calls her)

Love my little girl

Purple is our favorite color...Go DAWGS!!

Thanks girls for a fun night love you

Happy Chinese New Year...
Every year my parents have a fun party to celebrate my little brother's heritage, he is phillipeno, japenese, and caucasion. We celebrate the night with everyone bringing a chinese dish, reading our fortunes, and wearing red.

eating delicious food and enjoying great company

our cute little model

sweet little boy

love this picture of daddy and his girl

Nana and sweet baby Ty

Thank you so much Mom and Dad for a fun night and fabulous weekend we love you so much

Our Trey Trey will be a new boy
After a very long and trying few years we are finally having our prayers answered. On February 9th after a visit to Children's Hospital we heard the words from the Surgeon "you will see a completely different boy." Tears filled in my eyes as we learned that Trey will be getting tubes put in his ears, adnoids and tonsils will be taken out and a long week of recovery. What a blessing it will be to hear our sweet boy speaking actual words and sentences. We are so excited to see the changes in him.