Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Madelyn's "2" B-day Party "

We decided on a "Fish Theme" since Maddie loves Fishy's and there is so much you can do with Fish. I'm sure the kids and parents felt like they were at a carnival but we all had a great time. The kids decorated their pails and fish bowls, played pin the fish in the bowl, fished for prizes, had lunch and cake, and best of all they took home a real Fish... Thanks mom's and Chad for helping me I couldn't have done it without you.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Catching up!

So I figure since its been a while I would catch up with everything that has been going on. Easter was great this year since Madelyn is older now she enjoyed doing the easter egg hunt atGrandma's house.

We have also been lucky to have a few nice days to enjoy the sunshine outside so we took the kids to the park and played with bubbles and went down the slide over and over again.

Trey turned 3 mos and is continually growing everyday, he even has started teething aghhhh not yet!!! He has brought so much joy into our lives with his cute dimples and laughter we love him so much.

As Madelyn is about to turn 2 which in her case "5" she has started to actually make sense when talking and is non stop moving all day long. She has so much energy its sooo fun to see her grow up and be a great big sister.

Over Conference weekend we visited my parents in Vancouver and went to the "Clackamas Aquatic Park." Madelyn loved every minute especially the "Seal slide" she went down it at least 50 times by herself as we just watched from the side her and Hudson had a great time as well as Chad and I jumping off the diving board and going down the fun slides.

The next day we went to Hudson's "2" b-day party which was a "character theme" so Maddie went as a princess and she actually wore the dress the whole time. Mindie did a great job decorating and having fun things for the kids to take home. She loves her lipgloss thanks Min....

Last week we went to the Aquarium with some friends and had a great time seeing all the neat fish. For the most part Madelyn was good except when she wanted to run all over the place. Other than that we had a fun time.

Friday night Chad and I had a date night we went to the "Seeds of Compassion" concert and heard the Dolli Llama speak and with a surprise guest the Death cab for cutie perform. Best of all we were able to see Dave Matthews perform with Tim Reynolds (guitarist) they were so amazing and he was very personal with everyone since it was a smaller venue than the Gorge.

Last of all we went with Kyle, Laryssa, and Grandma to the Tullip Festival yesterday. The weather was beautiful as well as the tullips. What a beautiful day we had...

We have had a great time with Family and Friends this spring so far...