Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Settling in

Well its been a week and we are finally starting to feel settled into our new place everything is unpacked and put in a spot and finally we can hang pictures again. We weren't able to when we had the house up for sale. Speaking of the house well that is a whole different story which still has no conclusion but hopefully this week it will be final i'll keep you posted.

Maddie's new friend to take to her new place "thx Nana"

Hanging out with my lil man

We went to our new church ward and everyone was so welcoming and nice to our family. In fact there was a lady sitting next to us and Madelyn decided to show her the Jesus picture book and sit on her lap. It was so cute the lady was very nice about it and talked with her most of the time. Also in nursery they let Trey in 2 weeks early and he did very well . So to sum things up we are doing well adjusting to apt life again (sordove) and having a great time playing in this weather.
Trey loved the fountains
Maddie liked them also

I love this shot of him
Paige and Maddie being twins too cute
Taking a break to enjoy Wendy's
Trey loves the slip n slide
Madelyn and Grace playing on the trampoline
Trey liked it until the girls started jumping
I love this lil boy
I love this lil girl
Last saturday a good friend of Chad's since HS Kelly set up a "mini reunion" which we attended with the kids. We had a great time catching up on our lives, meeting everyone, shooting a bebe gun for the first time which was fun, and watching the kids go wild. Thanks again to Chanda's parents for hosting it and Kelly and others who put it all together we had a great time.

Enjoying each other at the Reunion

Kelly, me, and Chad shooting

1st time ever it was way fun