Sunday, July 26, 2009

What was supposed to be simple...

As most of you know last monday I went in to get my wisdom teeth taken out, as normal I had a lot of anxiety but because I knew I would have an IV to put me asleep it was going to be ok. I thought the hard part would be not eating solid food for 24 hours and be "temporarily" numb for up to 24 hours after the surgery. That was not the case however I was told the following day when I went in to my appt that he had cut my nerve which is the one that gives me sensation and feeling in my tongue. I am now completely numb from the middle to the left side of my tongue. This last week has been incredibly hard for me not because I keep biting my tongue, haven't eaten solid food for a week now, but because the 3 medications I am on make me feel icky and not myself, and the outcome of this all were not sure. I am still currently working at night but it has been very hard to focus and not feel like I am going to pass out because I get very light headed and dizzy work has been amazing however.
As of friday when the Dr and I last spoke he has found someone in San Francisco that can do the surgery to repair my nerve. The positive thing is that since it was 100% his fault they are taking care of all the expenses to fly my mom and I and cover all the costs while we are there, the surgery, and his mal practice insurance will cover the rest.
I pray that the outcome will be that I will be healed and we won't have to go into it legally any further. I am so grateful to have the gospel in my life without it I would most likely not have any mobility or taste in my tongue.
Thank you so much to all my friends and family that have either called, visited, brought me yummy smoothies, and everyone that has been there for us.
I will know an update tomorrow about when we leave for CA and how long etc. so for now we are trying to be patient and hope that this all goes away very soon.

I will not be posting pictures because they were not pretty at all...