Monday, February 15, 2010

Our surprise adventure to Newport, Or.

This last week the kids and I drove to Vancouver to spend a few days with my family as well as go to my follow up appt. At my appt the surgeon said that I was improving a lot but when he put sugar on both sides of my tongue I found that I could only taste it in my right side. I still have no taste in my left but hopefully soon enough.
Mom and I decided a few weeks ago that since Mindie had moved to Newport Or. and I hadn't seen her new place or been there we would surprise her. On the way down mom and I were talking to her and pretending as though we were shopping and hanging out tonight, but little did she know we were on our way to see them. When we arrived Maddie went to the door and Mom and I hid behind the car. When Min opened the door to see Maddie standing there her face was excipriceless unfortunately I didn't have my camera out but she was so excited and totally shocked. We had a great night watching Bachelor with some of her friends and toasting to sparkling cider. The kids also had a great time as well distroying their playroom and throwing popcorn all over. All in all it was a fantastic night.
The next morning we headed into Newport in the beautiful sunshine and off to see the Sea lions and not to mention the amazing candy shop we stopped in for a treat. We had a great day and wonderful time. Thanks Mindie for showing us around your new City.
Maddie and hudson hugging
Mindie and I outside her new place
Sitting outside the candy shop
Eating their yummy treats
Enjoying the beautiful scenery
Nana with her little ones
It was so bright but the bridge behind us was gorgeous
Newport Oregon is so beautiful
The Sea Lions were right below us
Best of friends
relaxing in the sun