Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our fun weekend


My Saturday began with a "baby shower Cowboy Stampede" which I can not take much credit since some of my good friends or should I say "Martha Stewart's" did the creativity part. We had so much fun with theme and it turned out perfect...

Amber expecting little Mason soon

The party favors which were baby soap wrapped in twine
Baby jars filled with candy assortment

Rach did an amazing job on the onesies and invites

Delicious food that was theme oriented

Amber and I

Hosts: Love these girls and it couldn't have turned out any more perfect

We love you so much Amber and can't wait for the arrival of Baby Mason


Later that day we decided since it was my first official Saturday not working that we would drive to Alki Beach. Even though we arrived at 4pm it couldn't have turned out better weather and we found a great spot. It was so much fun to see the kids play together in the sand and have a great time as a family.

Trey loved the sand so much

After building a sand castle they decided to stomp it to pieces

Just us

She loved being buried in the sand

We had a great day spending time together in the sunshine

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

No Cavities!!!

Showing Maddie the air

She was amazing and such a great girl

All done and No Cavities

Thanks Dr Radley

After having no cavities celebration Doughnut
Last night before bedtime we told the kids what to expect tomorrow at their first dentist appt, Maddie kept referring it to The Berenstein Bears episode about the dentist which I think helped her get excited. When we arrived she was very talkative and energetic where as I was already shaking and about to cry. As many of you know I do not like going to the dentist and haven't since I was very young. Maddie walked back and introduced herself to Dr Radley "Dr Rad" he was so great with her and said everything and showed her all the fun tools. She was so excited to wear the purple sunglasses and watch Dora on her own big screen. She did great and the end result was "NO CAVITIES"... Great job Madelyn

Trey was a different story he absolutely hated it from the time he walked in till they said he was all done. I had to hold him on my lap and tip him upside down so he could look. When he saw that he got a new toothbrush and pick a toy from the treasure chest he was happy once again and just blew kisses on the way out. "NO CAVITIES"

We won't go into my appt since I had to have my 4yr old come to me as I sit in the chair and say
"it's ok mommy it won't hurt, he just needs to paint and count your teeth." than your all done. I unlike both kids need some work done but at least I have 14wks till I can since being pregnant they can't do much. That should give me some time to relax gear up for it. At least I got a new awesome Sonic care toothbrush for being a "big" girl...

It was a great appt for the kids and Maddie can't wait to see Dr Johnson again...