Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Baby Timout

The other day Madelyn came to me and said "Mom baby needs a timeout, she not playing nice with Trey so 2 min k" it was so funny she immediately took her to the corner and shoved her nose to the wall, which is now the way Maddie does timeout well not the shoving the nose part. Everyone needs a timeout sometimes...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

30, 30 ,30


This year was Chad's BIG year 30... I had planned about 2 months prior to have a Suprise Party for him. Since his favorite thing besides golfing is to bowl so I reserved some lanes at a bowling alley near our house. It was so hard for me to keep a secret but I can't believe I did it yipee!! We started out with telling him that we wanted to do a family dinner night but when Mom showed up she blind folded him which he was not happy about. He finally went a long with it and off we went...

On our way to Adventure Bowling
When we first arrived I was hoping for excitement but instead all we got was a "blank" stare (pic coming)until his eyes finally adjusted to the room I guess I blind folded him a little too tight. We all had a fun time bowling and hanging out it was such a great night!


knocked a few pins over

The whole group that came (minus Christensen's who had to leave)
Chad's Amazing cake made from one of our best friends Jen J
Helping Daddy blow the candles out
Best Friends.... Who would have thought that this pic was right after they tried giving Chad a titti twister just like old times
Maddie loved every minute especially the frosting
Thank you everyone for making Chad's B-day FANTASTIC

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Birthday Celebrations and a lesson learned

29 on March 7th

I am so grateful to have such wonderful friends and amazing family to celebrate my 29th birthday this year. It started out on wednesday when my good friend Racheal C had made me a cake for our lunch/play date which was way too nice of her to do. On Friday my family came from Vancouver to help celebrate my birthday on March 7th. Chad had arranged my mom and I to go see a movie but we thought "what is better than a movie right now?" New shoes and lunch at Panera. We had a great time catching up and not to mention got way cute shoes.

Claim Jumpers
That night we went to Claim Jumpers with my family, cousins, and one of my bestest friends Charise and her hubby Chris. Mom of course had little games for the kids to play while waiting and birthday glasses for everyone, she is hilarious.

My cute little Niece Kyla looking so stylish

Waiting patiently for his dinner

Thanks for the glasses Mom it made the night

Charise and I wearing our new glasses

Don't we look cute together

The celebration continued on Monday thanks to some very good friends of mine who did a fun party with a delicious cake made by Laurie. Thanks girls I love you all...

Blowing out the candles... Can you see the 29?

Thank you to my amazing family and friends who made my birthday so special

"A Lesson Learned"
As I was driving today in Seattle I noticed a cop and quickly hung up, but not fast enough I guess, because I was soon after pulled over. When the cop came to my window I was already in tears (usually it works) not this time. He asked me if I knew why I was pulled over but I wasn't exactly sure besides talking on the phone. He had told me to look at my license and I noticed that it had expired on my birthday which was 5 days prior. He then went back to his car for a long time and came back with a ticket that is for $550.00 by then I was shaking and he said "I am going to look the other way on the cell phone and also the fact that you are technically driving with NO license." So immediately I went to the DOL and renewed it. I now have a court date to get it dismissed wish me luck... It was a very long day and definetly a lesson learned...