Tuesday, November 17, 2009

fun times in November

Disney on Ice
We have had fun and exciting month so far, we had an opportunity at the last minute to go see "Disney on Ice." After much convincing to Chad we bought the tickets for us and Grandma to go.

The day of it all Maddie could say is " I get to see Tinkerbell tonight she is going to be so happy to see me" it was sooo cute. The show was playing at the "Showare Center" in Kent its not a huge venue but perfect for the big producton. The show performers were Mickey and Minnie and the clan, Little Mermaid, Cars, Lion King, and Tinkerbell. The show was 2hrs and believe it or not the kids sat through the whole thing and clapped and danced along. We had a great time it is a perfect show for kids and families. We will definetely be going again...

Trey is a BIG boy
Another exciting adventure that we had this month is putting away the crib. We have noticed many changes in our kids.Maddie is at the stage where she and Trey play so well together, and because they share a room we thought since Trey loves her bed so much it was time to get a "big boy bed" for him. It has been quite the transition and were still dealing with him run up and down the halls at all hours of the night but it was time.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009

Maddie was so excited to go Trick or Treating especially with her special hat Nana made

Trey was not so excited at first

Meeting up with our friends for the fun night

Our adorable Strawberry Shortcake and Tiger, of course I never could get them to smile at the same time

He never let go of his bucket all night

Grandma met us for the big night

Our adorable Strawberry Shorcake and Tiger

The kids had so much fun espcially Trey who kept trying to walk inside the houses

Strawberry Shortcake off to the next house ahead of the group

Trey taking a break of course he picks the house with all the candy

This house was amazing with the ghost moving inside and so much more. The kids were mezmorized by it

Finally they both gave up and had more candy than they could carry and it was time to go home

We had a great night!