Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Fun

This summer has been so much fun filled with so many activities here are some pics of what we have been up to in the rain/sunshine

Woodland Park Zoo

The kids were so excited to meet up with friends and see the animals

Lunch time

Sophie,Maddie,Gracie, and Lucy such cute girls
Maddie and Trey had so much fun together I love this age

We had a great time at the zoo and will be back many times now that we have a Zoo pass
A new tradition has been formed thanks to Sommer she organized this great girls night out by renting out "Gold Class Cinema" which is a very luxorius theatre with big compfy orange chairs that recline, blankets if needed, a push of a button for drinks and food to be served, no screaming teens, and best of all surrounded by good friends. We had a great time and can't wait for Breaking Dawn.

Emily, Me, Laurie, and Rach

Our row... Hailey, Lacey, Rach, and Me
*4th of july *
We celebrated the day with our good friends the Johnson's at their new house with a great BBQ and good company. Thank you

Moses, Dottie, and Maddie all found the joy in Sunkist

especially Trey every time I turned around he had more in his cup and not to mention a great mustache

Jen and I... Luv ya girl
*Sammamish Firework Show*
Later on we headed in the rain to watch what turned out to be a great firework show we had a great time with Grandma and even though it was raining the fireworks were amazing and our seats were great.

Maddie getting ready for the fun night with umbrella in hand
Grandma gave everyone magic glow necklaces which the kids loved

Waiting for the show to start

Family together
Happy 4th of July 2010
Mariners Game

A few months ago we went to a benefit auction and got these amazing tickets not to mention a great date night even though they lost we had fun just being out...

Fun days in the Sunshine at the Clegg's

The kids loved every minute being outside in the pool

trampoline fun

Maddie and Lucy having fun

Boating with the Olson's on Lake Sammamish

Trey was so intrigued of what was going on
Maddie was so excited

Let the fun begin


Madelyn pushing daddy over

Silly kids Dallin, Thatcher, and Maddie

Innertube fun

I even got to take a ride don't worry it was going slow

so much fun
Jen Skiing after only 3 weeks of having a baby
Jen's hubby Jason surfing the waves

Enjoying the sunshine

Jen and baby Kimball (3wks)

My amazing hubby surfing for the first time and loved it

Look at that jump

That's my man

We had so much fun playing all day in the 90+ weather with lunch, friends, and fun thanks Olson's

Thursday, July 1, 2010

weekend in vancouver

Kim and the twin girls shower
My mom, sister and I planned a shower for Kim (sis in law) ok so mostly just them but I helped some. We had a great time eating crapes and yummy breakfast foods, and mostly loved
watching kim open her gifts for the girls.

We love you so much and can't wait to meet the girls...

Toy Story 3

Later that day we were celebrating Payton's birthday so we all went to Toy Story 3 Nana pulled out all the stops with a Toy Story theme such as a sand bucket filled with fruit snacks, trinkets, and a Toy Story shirt which the kids all wore well besides Trey who was scared that their was a horse on his shirt it was too funny. We all loved the movie and even better the kids enjoyed every minute.

Mindie is so darling and made this Tutu for Maddie which she wears all the time
Father's day was such a great day we made the guys breakfast, lunch, and let them relax before eating a fabulous Prime Rib dinner. The dad's love their new grilling aprons especially Grandpa with all the little ones names and soon to be all fingerprints.
We love you all and are grateful for you everyday!!!