Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Trey Trey

Happy 3rd Birthday Trey

I still remember the 1st day you came into our lives it was such a wonderful and special day

We spent New Years Eve as a family at home since you were so tiny

This is the time that you started to show personality and truly become your own person such a happy and smiley 3mos old boy

6mos that was a fun time laughing, smiling, cooing, and crawling from than on we new you were going to be a busy little boy

1yrs old was a fun but challenging year for you since we were still on the non gluten diet and you had just started walking and some talking.

Such a cute 2yr old boy growing up so fast and running all over the place definetly looking more like Daddy

Now we are 3 years old you are such a sweet, happy, funny, caring, and loving boy. Everyday you are changing and learning something new. We love you so much Happy Birthday Trey Trey

Friday, December 24, 2010


December oh what a busy month....

We managed to only get the one picture of our tree being decorated, the kids had a great time this year putting on the ornaments.

Our busy month really began a day in Seattle with Nana, Grandpa, Aunt Mindie, Uncle Matt, Uncle Nick, Grandma, Uncle Kyle, Aunt Laryssa, and Kyla.

A fun walk in the cool weather around Seattle

We all loved the Gingerbread houses especially this one with the plasma

Grandma and her cute girls

Next we were off to the Teddy Bear room it was so cozy and filled with a ton of bears to snuggle

Next was Trey's favorite the "Macy's window of trains, trey could spend hours there just staring at them move.

Last of all we finished with the Merry go round the kids had a great time

What a great day it was in downtown Seattle spending time with Family

Tyler's blessing day 12/5/2010

Chad's best friend for many years Tyler "Ty"what an honor it is to name our Ty after such a great guy

Bailey family

Howell family

We feel very fortunate to have such good friends and amazing family with us to honor such a special and beautiful boy.


Mommy and Ty on his special day

Grandma giving Ty kisses

You are such a special little boy we love you so much and look forward to you growing and learning new things every day.


of course Maddie had to strike a pose every where we go

So excited as she watched her ball roll down the lane

"oh no where is my ball going?"

This was the only strike I got that day not to mention everyone including the kids beat me

Chad was so good at curving the ball

Grandma and Trey rolling his ball down

I love this picture of Trey waiting forever as his ball slowly rolled down to the pins

Uncle Kyle and Ty taking a break

This was the first time the kids went bowling and definitely won't be the last we all had so much fun

Baby shower and Cookie decorating

Trey and Kyla seemed to only be interested in the sprinkles

Thanks Mom for a fun night

Love this girl tons

Kyle and Laryssa opening their shower gifts

Ty tickling Trey

Best Friends Maddie and Issy

It's cookie decorating time

Trey never ate the cookies just licked off the frosting

We had a great time decorating our many cookies

Early Christmas with Mom

Madelyn loves to hold Ty

Trey was so excited he loves the Toy Story blanket from Grandma

Kyle, Laryssa, and baby Boy opening their gifts

My Jacket and earrings from hubby

Our fashion girl still loves to change clothes, so why not add another box of dress up she loved it

Grandma and Madelyn in their new snuggies

Enjoying ourselves some ice cream

Trey loves his new presents from Grandma especially his blankee"deedee" and Cars garage

The minute we got home it was dress up time

Our beautiful Snow White
We had a wonderful Christmas and was so happy to have celebrated it with Kyle, Laryssa, and Kyla. Thank you Mom "Grandma" for a wonderful day

Madelyn's first Pre School Program "The Littlest Fir Tree

She was so happy to have been asked to do the Pledge of Allegiance for everyone

Rudolph the Red nose Reindeer

"Oh will you be our Christmas Tree"

"Calling out to the angels"

Madelyn with her Teacher Miss Sue
It was such a fun program it made me realize how much and and how fast our little girl is growing up. Great job Maddie

Snowflake Lane

This is such a fun thing to do in Bellevue we all had such a fun night

waiting for it to start

Maddie and the Fairy Princess

watching as the snow falls

Maddie and the Polar Bear


"Dance dance Chad"
We loved playing Kinect with the Bailey's thanks guys for a fun night

The kids were dressed so cute the sunday before Christmas in their new outfits

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday spending time with family and friends