Friday, September 24, 2010

Tyler David Hadley

Tyler David Hadley 9-20-2010

For the first time I was induced and I couldn't have been happier. It was such a fast and easy delivery. I am so thankful for such an amazing Dr and for the best nurse that was with me through it all. Jennifer you were fabulous...

He came so fast I didn't even realize he was out and had entered the world. The nurses weren't sure where I was hiding him but he was my smallest yet with weighing 8pds 9oz and measuring 20.5 inches, with dark brown hair with highlights of lighter brown, which was a complete surprise since we thought for sure he was a red head.

Daddy is so proud and so in love

the instant Madelyn walked into the room all she wanted to do was hold Ty and kept saying over and over again "I am going to love baby Ty forever and ever" it made me melt.

Trey was all about Ty for the first 3 min than all he wanted to do was play with his feet and belly button.

Nana was so in love with Ty he snuggled right to her. Definetely looks like a Stevens (dad's side)

1st family picture not the greatest but they didn't want to hold still

I lucked out with the most incredible nurse Jennifer, she made me feel so comfortable and made the whole process amazing. I will recommend her for sure the next time.

A professional photographer "Baby Bella" comes in to take pictures and than post them on the site for a few weeks. We decided to take our own which I think turned out amazing. Thanks babe for capturing our little guy so well

Such a sweet gift from my Mom and Ty loved it being so soft and cuddly

trying different things with our camera

Soooo sweet and tuckered out

I am so in love with this little guy he is such an amazing blessing

Daddy is so in love with this little guy

Welcome to the world Tyler David Hadley we all love you sooooo much.
Time to leave the hospital and go home...

When we arrived hom mom and the siblings had sent us these delicious cupcakes and had the place decorated so cute.

Grandma meeting Tyler for the first time since she had been out of town for the arrival

Once we got home all trey wants to do is hold "baby Ty" and let the craziness begin....
We Love you Ty so much!

Friday, September 17, 2010

September catch up

We have had a great month so far going to the zoo, camping, and so much more but the most exciting part will be here in 3 days which is hard to believe but we are very excited to meet little "Ty" and welcome him into our already crazy family.

Madelyn has already been such a huge help and folding clothes is now her favorite, not to mention she does a great job.

Zoo day with Ava

The best part was seeing the new baby tigers they were so cute

Girls in the spider web which they loved to play in

Say Cheese Trey

Love their Shark faces

Ava and Madelyn loved to touch the starfish

To end our day we watched the outdoor theatre show which the kids absoultely loved. Thanks girls for coming with us...

Girls Night out

This is the only picture we took but it was such a fun night chatting, eating, chatting some more and eating more. (not pictured Jen S, and Laurie) Thanks girls I am so lucky to have such great friends... Love you all

Summer Camping Trip with Nana and Grandpa

"Yeah we made it to Gig Harbor RV Resort

Helping daddy with hammering in the tent

Nick and friend Thomas immediately found this fun dirt pit to jump off of

Relaxing with daddy

The kids couldn't wait to go swimming

After a fun few hours they were both exhausted

Nana brought some fun projects for the kids which they loved

"All done" Showing Nana and Grandpa

enjoying the evening together

loves spending time with Nana

Good Morning everyone

Chad was so proud that Dad was sporting "Huskies"

hanging with daddy

This is the spot Trey spent most of his days playing with his cars and getting dirty,dirty

Daddy and my water babies, Maddie couldn't get enough

having so much fun with Thomas, Uncle Nick , and Daddy

loves this smile its her new "cheese"

not my favorite pic of me but at least we got one together

Mom and I... I <3 her

We weren't allowed to have open fire so we had to make do with roasting marshmellows over the coals after eating a delicious chicken stew and dutch oven peach cobbler...

Madelyn's first smore experience... Yummy

Trey just liked eating the marshmellows

family pic the day we were leaving

Maddie had so much fun playing with Uncle Nick

We had so much camping with family at Gig Harbor and spending time with Nana and Grandpa was definetely the best. Thank you so much Mom and Dad for an amazing camping trip for Labor day... We love you