Thursday, January 29, 2009

Busy, Busy Month

This month we have had the opportunity to do many fun and exciting things with friends and family. Here are some pics to prove it along with some random ones that are too fun...

Happy New Years 2009

The kids playing and having a great time

Just the girls... Paige, Becky,Wendy, and I
Fun dinner 'Christmas" Party

Michelle,Becky,Me,Rach, and Dayna catching up
"Mamma Mia" Girls night

Some girls from our ward got together and saw
it on the movie projector thanks Wendy! It was a blast

"Jazz Hands"

Our weekend in Vancouver/Portland

Walking with Uncle Nick inside Omsi

Maddie loves playing with boats and water

Legos with Nana and Mindie

All the kids at Nana and Papa's

Maddie wearing her matching dress from Nana

He is walking now and sooo cute

Hanging out with Nana

Play group today at Bell Square Mall

"Look at me I got up here myself" He was so proud

She was yelling "Jacob" to come follow her

Two cute kids having a great time

Trey having tons of fun

Enjoying a Jamba after a fun day

A few of my favorites

Tuckered out before dinner time.

I think it was a long day

This was classic... Trey being put in time out for the 1st time
after pulling Maddie's hair "Trey go to timeout" it was hilarious
He thought he was so cool. I love this pic

We love these kids there is not one day that these two don't bring excitement to our lives...