Friday, July 20, 2007

Baby #2 Coming

We are so excited to be welcoming our second child to the family. Our baby is due Jan 7 2008 but since Madelyn decided to be late I am not expeculating anything. :) We are looking forward to having a little brother/sister forMadelyn. They will be about 21mos apart which will be great, but keeping us very busy. We will keep you updated on everything. We will find out what he/she will be on Aug 22. Look for updates.
Here is the baby at 9 wks...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The beginning of our new home

This is the beginning foundation of our new home. We are soooo excited to finally be in a home. It has been a long wait but will be worth it. We will be moving to Snoqualmie,Wa sometime in November. We are looking forward to meeting our neighbors and being able to hang out more often with all the friends who live close by. They begin construction during the week of August 20th so I will keep you updated.

Our little Angel

On July 9th at 7:00pm we took Madelyn to Children's Hospital. During the day she had gotten a fever and it increased throughout. When we arrived her tempature was 103.6 which is very high. After having her looked at and examined they had no resolution of why it began and they just told us to take her home and keep a close eye on it. As we were putting her in the carseat she began shaking all over, and was having a Febrile seizure. We rushed her back in and with in a min she turned blue and stopped breathing. At that moment our hearts stopped as well. Thinking "this can't happen, we can't loose our little girl." After putting the oxygen and having the best Dr's care for her she began breathing. It seemed like forever though it was only seconds that she wasn't breathing. They put and IV in her and because she kept trying to take it off they covered her hand with a red glove which she hated. After 7hrs of being there and having xrays her fever began to decrease back to normal and they let us take her home. The next morning she woke up and was back. She was bouncing all over and wanting food and kisses. We are so greatful for the care we receieved and for Heavenly Father watching over us. We love her so much...

Cornelsen family reunion

On July 10th we headed to Yellowstone for Chad's family reunion. After a long drive we made it safe and sound. We had so much fun relaxing in the sun,swimming,biking,visiting Old Faithful, seeing all the gysers,shopping, and of course spending time with family. Every family had a different color of shirt and ours was purple of course... The time we spent together was amazing and memorable. Unfortunately Kyle wasn't able to be with us because of school but we were able to spend time with Laryssa who we love and welcomed into the family on April 21st. On July 15th it was time to say goodbye to family and yellowstone. We will be back!! See everyone again in 2009. Thank you Gordon and Roma for a great family reunion...