Thursday, August 23, 2007

Due date moved...

Yesterday I went to my Dr. Appt and everything looks great, Trey continues to grow and stay healthy. However my due date has changed, she asked if I would want to be induced since she missed the last delivery and is going to be out of town for this one as well. How she phrased it was "how do you feel about a tax deduction?" It was funny. Of course I wouldn't mind having it a week early. So the due date is set now for the 30th of Dec. Yipeee!!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Were having a BOY!!!!

Trey looking at us

His profile

His little foot

Head and Spine

Yesterday we went to our ultra sound at Evergreen hospital. After a long wait we finally saw our little Trey moving around. At first when the tech said that it was a boy chad didn't believe her. He said "are you sure" well there was no mistake for obvious reasons. Everything looks great and healthy which is always good to hear. She left the room and Chad picked me up and shouted "were having a boy,it's a boy!" Of course he was just a little excited. I am still in shock because I thought for sure we were having another girl but I guess both the Dr. and I were wrong. We are looking forward to having one of each and since Madelyn looks like her daddy Trey will look like me with the blonde hair right!!! Ok probably not i'm sure he will have red hair also. How fun! Now we get to pick out boy clothing and accessories aghhhhh!!!! Here are some pics from the ultra sound. Sorry they are not the best since we don't have a scanner, they are from our camera... Enjoy!!!

Cousin Lynsey's wedding

This last saturday we drove with Kyle and Laryssa to Spokanne for cousin Lynsey's wedding. After a long 4.5 drive we made it. The ceremony was beautiful and everything looked pefect. Of course after running out of fruit snacks and trying to keep the little one occupied was impossible. The reception was a lot of fun madelyn was a little dancing machine out on the floor. Between sashaing across the stage and dancing with all the kids she had a great time. After visiting with family and dancing a little it was time to go. The day was great!!

Grandma's B-day @ Greenlake

On August 11th we celebrated Grandma's b-day, for the last two years all she has wanted for her birthday is to take her family to Greenlake Park and ride the paddle boats across the lake. We had a great time together, and Madelyn absolutely loved it. The weather was perfect not too hott and not too cold. After our fun adventure we went to a friends wedding and ate at our favorite mexican place "Gorditos." It was a great day....

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Family Reunion to Indianola

This last weekend we went to a Family Reunion for my Mom's side to Indianola. For those who have never heard of it, its off of the Puget sound. We had an amazing weekend spending time with family who we don't get to see very often. We all arrived late fri evening and pretty much went to bed. Saturday morning we got up and walked down to the dock and saw tons of people working on their sand castles. In Indianola once a year they have "Indianola Days" which is a weekend full of activities from sand castle contests, 2 mile run, races for kids,food, and shopping. Madelyn loved playing in the sand almost too much that she kept falling into the puddles. Later on Uncle Bill took us out on his boat. We drove by Manzanita Bay which was beautiful. It was a great day. That night we had a big Salmon dinner, but of course I don't care for it so my brother-in-law and I had chicken. We had a great time hanging out and catching up. Sunday we headed back to Seattle but stopped after the Ferry ride at Ivar's which was really good. We said goodbye to our cousins and headed home. What a great weekend we had.... See you all in 2009