Monday, September 29, 2008

Special Times

I am finally having the time to update about the past few weeks so here you go...

Zoo Day
On Friday my good friend Charise and I took the girls to the zoo for the day the weather was perfect and almost all the animals were out. We had a great time together as always.
Looking at the Giraffe

Sitting in the wagon together
Cystic Fibrosis Auction
That night Erin J and Erin C put together a Cystic Fibrosis Auction Dinner it was put together so well and the outcome was amazing. They were able to raise over $5,000. The night was not only for Cystic Fibrosis donation but also in memory of Jolene. Great job girls...

Kyla Abigail Hadley
After a 11 days of being over due, and finding out that she was breach my sister-in-law Laryssa had sweet Kyla Abigail on Sat afternoon. They spent 6 days in the hospital because she stopped breathing twice but now they are home and the family is doing very well especially beautiful Kyla.

Sweet baby Kyla Abigail

The next weekend we headed down to Vancouver. Friday afternoon Adam took Britney to Portland for the day and they ended up in an Art Gallery where he had talked to the owner about hanging a picture of the two of them. She was completely surprised by seeing the amazing picture and not even knowing that he was on his knee proposing. Later that night they arrived at my parents for a surprise couple engagement party. Mom put together skits from different wedding movies that we all took part in acting out, ate pizza, and had a blast. We are so excited to have Britney become part of our family and to go to Manhatten NY for the wedding December 5th. We love you

"I'm Engaged"

Opening their gifts

Sooooo cute

So You Think You Can Dance
Saturday afternoon we headed back to Seattle for a "Girls Night" of So You Think You Can Dance show. My mom, sister, and I sat together and had a great night of seeing some of the most amazing dancers ever. It was a night to remember always.

Dinner with the girls at TGI Fridays

Sommer,Rach, and I during intermission

Mindie, Mom, and I at the show

Two of my favorite dancers Kerrington and Twitch

Taking a bow. It was a fantastic show

Chad begins the start of a long 4 yrs....

Yes its true Chad started school last monday at BCC to take his pre-requisites to get into Physical Therapy school. It is going to be a long but well worth it 4 yrs. In December he will have applied to about 10 schools to attend and after taking the GRE Test we will know our destination by Spring of 2009. I am a little nervous to say the least but also very excited for Chad to have a career that he is excited about. Let the adventure begin....

Trey is 9 months old....

Trey is growing up so fast each day he is doing something new. His new favorite is to wrestle with his big sister. Well you could say "get taken down by her". They are having so much fun together. Now that he is very mobile crawling and standing up onto everything she thinks he is a toy. We love him so much.

He is soooo sweet
Wrestle Mania

I love his smile

Well that sums it all up sorry it was sooo long

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"Baby Steps" now onto the next race

About 6 months ago my mother-in-law had asked if I wanted to run in the "Jock and Jill Marathon" with her on Labor day. My first thought was "heck no" but I said yes. Since I have never ran nor trained for any sort of race besides hurdles (10yrs ago) I didn't think I could do it. As well as having the excuse for the last 2years of being pregnant or nursing). So last fri I looked at my calendar and saw that day was the last day you could sign up so I did it. There was no backing out now the money has been paid eeeekkkkk....
I woke up Monday morning and headed out for the race, she was doing the 1/2 marathon walk and I was doing the 4+ mile run/walk. I thought I would start baby steps and work my way up. Well little did I know that as soon as the gun went off I started to run with everyone else and before I knew it I had run the whole way to the finish. I felt like I had accomplished something that day and was ready for the next step which will be the 1/2 marathon in Leavenworth on October 4th. Wish me luck...
Thank you to my family for their support that day!
I love you...