Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dreams do come true

Yes dreams do come true.... Last monday the 23rd Chad received an email that would change our lives forever.
It read:

 Dear Mr Hadley:

On behalf of Western University, I am pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into the Doctor of Physical Therapy Class of 2015 at Western University of Health Sciences, entering in August 2012.

 After many hours over 4000 to be exact, hard work in pre reqs, and many sacrifices that have been made it truly has been worth it.

This is the sign Chad will see everyday for the next 3 years

Palm trees and sunshine always

Night time vision
Chad will be wearing this white coat

Class of 2015

Thursday, January 5, 2012

December 2011

Nana and Madelyn at the Nutcracker
My sweet girl and I
She couldn't stop dancing and twirling around
Afterwards we went to dinner and Nana surprised her with these special things to remember the memorable evening

She was exhausted after such an amazing and fun night
Nana thank you so much for making this night possible

VEGA Christmas Party
Kim, Mandy, and I having a great time

Love this girl my long lost sister
Hubby and I enjoying the evening
The beautiful place where our event was held "The Farrell House
Thank you VEGA for such an amazing party I love working with such incredible people

Camas PT Christmas Party
Olive Garden with Chad's work...We had a wonderful night

Let the FUN begin!!

Cousins having a great time looking at the lights

Madelyn,Hudson, and Talmadge having fun with Uncle Nick

Grandpa and Maddie

What my girl loves to do best "Pose"

Handsome boys

Love my boys

Pre-Team (JAG) Performance
Madelyn and all of her team girls

My little Gymnast

Such a proud Mommy

Such a proud Daddy
Just the beginning of many years to come
Thank you Nana and Grandpa for coming and seeing the amazing gymnast Madelyn is becoming. So proud of her

Birthday Time
Celebrating Kim,Talmadge, and Trey's Birthday
Trey(4), Talmadge (4), and Kim (Beautiful always 25)
Happy Birthday 

Christmas Eve Morning
Traditional breakfast at Denny's (missed Goodwins)

Big Al's Bowling
Daddy with his adorable girls
Cousins excited to bowl
Taking a break to smile
Bowling family fun
Ty was so intriged with the bowling balls
Baby love....(minus Jude)
due to eating and hanging with Mommy
Love this picture of Mommy Kim and sweet boy Talmadge

Trey waiting for his ball to roll down

Madelyn loved bowling

Who knew bowling with this many people would be so much fun. We DID!!!!

Christmas Eve Dinner

Love my sisters
Guys playing basketball
Nana snuggling with Ty and Payton
After dinner and Jammies Grandpa reads the Night before Christmas

Nana and Grandpa set up Polar Express. Here is Grandpa taking their tickets to punch
Thanks Nana and Grandpa for a great Christmas Eve full of Chinese Food, stories, jammies, and spending time together

Christmas Morning
Uncle Matt with the kids

Christmas morning is so fun
A full room of presents and awaiting the arrival for everyone
The kids so excited to go downstairs...Yes even Paris and Vienna
Sisters forever
Opening stockings

Trey's gift from Santa (which he had no interest in) back to the workshop it goes
Our singing princess and her new Karaoke Machine

Our creative girl and all her beads from Aunt Kim
Our Cars Boy opening his gift from Talmadge

Everyone opening gifts
Nana and Grandpa got the Men a video Camera
Didn't get a picture but they also got all the girls a beautiful necklace with our kids and hubbys engraved on it
Hudson showing Ty the scary Trantula
Madelyn and Hudson before shooting at eachother
Trey and Daddy watching the train go around
This boy could and did watch it all day and all night

All the family after church on Christmas Day
Christmas Day 2011

Thank you Nana and Grandpa Stevens for a very memorable, crazy, and best Christmas together. We love you

Christmas with Grandma
Ty so excited to see Grandma

Trey and his new awesome remote control car
Thank you Grandma for the Beautiful picture of the Dominican Temple
Madelyn Grandma's fashion girl
Madelyn and her new doll from Grandma

Ty's present from Grandma
Husky sweatshirt couldn't be more perfect
We love you Grandma so much

We had such a fun time with you making bread, going to dinner, and spending time with you. Thank you for all you do for us. 
We love you