Tuesday, November 25, 2008

8 days in counting until NY City

So the countdown has begun we now have 8 days until we leave to NY City for my brother Adam's wedding which will take place in the Manhatten Temple. Since we have never been there I wanted to get ideas on some fun things to see and do. Any suggestions would be great, by the way the kids are staying with Grandma... Pictures soon

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"I did it Mommy"

What can I say, I guess all it takes is my two year old wanting to potty train herself, without mom's help. On thursday Maddie decided she no longer wanted diapers so she came out of her room in "big girl panties" I thought "here we go another long experience." I would continue asking her throughout the day and she would come back with " not yet, we will try again later." But only a few minutes later she came out of her room with her potty in hands and sat down and went "pee" we were sooooo excited and since that day we have only had 2 accidents because she couldn't get her pants off in time. I guess my little girl wanted to potty train herself on her own time and she did!!!! Yay Madelyn

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The long road ahead...

On Thursday I took the kids to a Naturopath Dr. in Vancouver WA. to get them tested for allergies. For a while I have known that Madelyn was possibly allergic to Oranges and Strawberries because she would develop a rash. Trey has had some skin irritations and a rash that looks like "Exema" for months now and has been itching him constantly. When we arrived and began the testing I thought that the kids would freak out but this testing was all natural and was so "kid friendly". After testing both kids the results came back that they were almost identical except for a few things. Trey can't have tomatoes, plums, or grapfruit, and Maddie can't have honeydew, or chocolate Both kids are however Gluten Intolerant, Lactose Intolerant, corn, cane sugar, fructose corn syrup, peanuts(not severe), oranges, strawberries, and soy. So your probably wondering what the heck my kids are able to eat? They can eat all meat, shellfish, vegetables, rice, natural syrup, fruit, and surprisingly cheese. (cheese has an enzyme in it that is ok I guess).
We started this new way of eating on friday and so far it has been very tough not only the kids but on us as well. The allergies that they are allergic to are very similar to Chad's side of the family as well as Chad. (He always new he is this way but never wanted to get live it). They all eat that way as well some get very sick so it is crucial to start this new diet.
I do not have these issues as far as I know but since my family is this way than it is only right for me to as well. It is going to be a long, long road for us but well worth it in the end. It will take some time to get used to such as taking food now to birthday parties, friends houses, and functions but I want our family to continue living a long and healthy life.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Friday began to be a gloomy day since it was raining outside. Until my sis-in-law came for a visit after her dr. appt. We had a great time chatting and playing with the little one's including her little Kyla who was dressed as a flower it was the cutest thing. Later that night we met up with our good friends the Bailey's and Grandma for Trick or Treating. Maddie absolutely loved it this year. She would go to each door after knocking politely "hello, trick or cheat" and she would either say "can I have lots of candy, or I have lots of candy" she would finish by saying "thanks have a GREAT day!" and on we would go to the next house. We all had a blast watching her this year.

At first she wanted nothing to do with her Princess Fiona costume

Trey was so happy to be a dragon (also from Shrek)

Trey and little Kyla soooo cute

Finally Grandma arrives and she loves the costume
Trick or Treating with Issy the skunk
Thanks Grandma for flying her up the stairs many times
To finish off the night we went to our friends the Malmbergs for a fun Halloween costume party. (hint) dress up. Chad nor I have ever dressed up together so this was quite funny to say the least. I was Storm from X-men, and chad was Superman. It was hilarious so I thought. After being teased Chad will never wear tights again hahaha.
Amber had made amazing food and beverages as well as Daniel's Haunted House and the fun games we did. Thanks for putting on a great night "Martha Stewart" (AKA Amber)
The kids especially Christopher, Maddie, and Lucy loved
jumping on the balloons.
Amber the Black Widow and I Storm
Maddie loves her little brother dragon
The end to a perfect and fun Halloween

Monday, November 3, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Last Saturday after the Backyardigans we headed to Stocker Farms with some friends and Grandma. The weather was perfect and I couldn't have asked for more perfect pictures thanks Jenn. We had a great time watching Maddie,Dottie,Mo, and Avery run around and pick out their pumpkins. What a great day!