Wednesday, August 31, 2011

1st day of Kindergarten

Big 1st Day!
Today was a bitter sweet day I sent my sweet girl off into the BIG world of Kindergarten. We layed her clothes out the night before and did a Fathers blessing to prepare her for her BIG day.
She picked out Toaster Strudle for her first day
All ready to go to Ellsworth Elementary
Standing so cute in front of her classroom
My BIG girl ready to leave me all day
We were all sad to see her go...but not her
Posing with her cute backpack
BIG hugs goodbye
Ms. Baz so excited to see Madelyn
first one inside...its a BIG world and she is ready
Already coloring and making friends
loving being inside the classroom
Not everyone was excited about Madelyn starting school today. Trey wanted to go with her and ride the bus as well. Good thing he starts next week.
We love you sweetheart and can't wait to hear all about your 1st day!
Love Mommy and Daddy

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cornelsen Family Reunion

Every other year we have a Cornelsen Family Reunion, and for the 2nd year the location was Zions Camp. We spent 4 days eating yummy food which was put together by Stacy, activities by Kristen and Erik, and fun times together. Thank you so much Kevin's Family for putting together an amazing Reunion. We hope those that couldn't come this year can come next. It is full of wonderful memories and best times.

Amy teaching the girls how to cook
Brothers with their boys
Together again Sister-in-laws
Trey and Kyla playing soccer
Photo Scavenger Hunt
"Beat around the bush"
"Jumping off the band wagon"
"I'll be a monkey's Uncle"
"Stone the Crows"
"Up the creek without a paddle"
"Two peas in a pod"
There were so many more pictures but this is an example of the creativity that went into it.
Daddy and Ty hanging out
The meals were so delicious
Grandma with her girls
August Birthdays! Grandma, Kevin, and Erik
Minute to Win It
Maddie putting cotton on her nose with vaseline
How many balls can you shake out...Shake it
Chad trying and trying to stack the dice (6)
Maddie taking a try too

dancing with cousin Erik
MG and Grandma
Grandma was very kind to get these adorable sleeping bag/air mattresses for the kids
The kids are making their binaculars
To TREK we go
Pulling the handcart was not that easy
it was tough
taking a break for lunch
Cute Kyla and Uncle Chad
Cute cousins Madelyn and Kyla
Playing games such as tug of war
Such a great experience feeling as the pioneers did
My cute boy and I
chilling in the handcart as someone is pulling her
All the cute cousins
Uncle Kevin pulling Uncle Ray
Our cute Family
Grandma and her kids
Kyla and Trey biking
Grandma also bought these adorable jammies. Love the display
Trey doing what he did most of the time
Ty loves to eat and he eats good too
Trey did a great job building his boat with daddy

Madelyn also did a great job building hers
We had a auction and this is what she won
Trey just being cute as ever
Ty and his silly glasses
Madelyn and Cousin Trevor
Boat Races

Yes we dominated and won
Ty was tuckered out
boat race fun
We had so much fun making them and taking others out
Ty and Aunt Roma
The Winners
Ty and Aunt Shauna
Ty and Mommy
After it was all done Kyle took the kids out on the canoe
On the last night we all gathered for a campfire to roast Apples dipped in cinn/sugar. It was so delicious and our new way of roasting.
Trey and Daddy roasting
Everyone had a great time and they tasted delicious
waiting for their apples
fun times
Kareoke Fun
Trevor, Mike, and Chad singing away. Not to forget most of this was done after midnight
On the last day as we were packing up the kids all got amazing homemade ice cream cones made by Stacey. They were AMAZING!!!!
Kids loving every bite

Playing one last time with cousin Craig
Thank you everyone for a wonderful and memorable Family Reunion especially Mom for making it all happen. Until we meet again in 2 years
We love you