Saturday, March 20, 2010

Part 1 "30" My personal Cruise...

It all began with waking up in the morning for a day with the family before heading off to work, not knowing what was really going on. On my way to work I was crying because I was going to be late due to having to get gas, just when I received a call from my boss telling me that she scheduled too many people and to go home and enjoy a night with my family. (not knowing the whole thing was set up momths ago). I came home and told Chad the news he was happy. My friend Lori called to go to a movie so off we went. (wish I could have at least known to change my clothes) oh well... When we arrived home she asked me to walk her to the Cabana. Just as we turned the corner there standing was my little brother and Dad with the video camera welcoming me to my "cruise" It was amazing with ropes aligning the entrance and a huge sign posted above

Hadley&Stevens&Cornelsen Cruise Line

just as I walked in stood about 30 or more people shouting "Surprise" the place looked amazing with decales on the wall and a buffet line of food just as you would see on the cruise. My mom was making Pina Colada's and my good friend Jen made this fabulous cake for me.
Jen is amazing at the designs she does

My parents and good friend Charise and her Husband Chris

I heart these Snoqulamie girls...

Good friends we have met in Renton

Some of my favorite girls

Now to the BIG Surprise....

The fun purse my mom gave me (Before)

(After) telling me that the next morning we were flying to


for 5 days just the two of us....

The night ended with a fun game of Bingo and a "great" video of my childhood going on a trip to California and some gymnastic times. What an Amazing and Perfect night...

Mom and I

"Mama Michelle" and I

My amazing hubby and I

Thank you so much to the special people especially to my wonderful hubby that made it all happen with a lot of hard work and the wonderful friends and family I have in my life to celebrate my big "30"