Friday, March 21, 2008

Lucy's 1st B-day

Last saturday we went to Lucy Lathrop's 1st birthday at the Fire Station in Edgewood, since her dad works there. We had a lot of fun looking at the old fire truck and seeing the lights. Maddie's favorite part was sitting inside the old fire truck. Later we had lunch which Madelyn never stepped away from the chips its was hilarious. The kids also decorated cupcakes as we watched Lucy open her gifts. We had a blast. Happy Birthday Lucy!!!

Standing in front of the old Fire Engine
"I don't know what happened to the "lighting"
on my shirt oops...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Three "C's" and more events

March has been a busy month already Trey and I had the opportunity to go to Boise for my brother's baby blessing. We had a great time with the fam and I was fortunate to spend an extra day with my sister-in-law shopping and going to lunch. We missed Maddie and Daddy very much.

The girls getting ready to see "27 Dresses" which by the way is a cute movie.

Trey was an angel on the plane I worried at first how his ears would be but he ended up sleeping and being happy the entire time both ways whoooo!

Also this month we bought a new car finally "see ya Focus" "Hello Mini Van" We got a Toyota Sienna 2006 and are loving every square inch. It is so nice having a lot of space since it fits 8 people or you can take out 1 or all the seats and can't forget about the DVD player. LOVE IT!

Most importantly we both had our birthdays to celebrate since mine is the 7th and chad's is the 11th. Last friday during the day Charise and I took the girls to the zoo they had a great time but unfortunately Maddie was terrified of Reese's wagon and ended up walking the entire time yeah for me... Later that evening we went with some friends and family to dinner. The plan was "Cheesecake Factory" but when they said it would be a 4hr wait for 18 people forget it. We ended up at Red Robin but had great service and great food. Thank you to those who celebrated with us.

Monday night we clebrated Chad's at Claim Jumper with the Bailey's and his fam. We had a great time watching Maddie dip her crackers in ketchup. I know that is gross but it was great entertainment since our waiter was horrible. Good times!!!

Last but not least we purchased our new addition to the family "A Couch" I know you all must be thinking "these people must have won the lottery or something" but no just a tax return and the three things we have been saving and waiting for couch, car and camera so now we are back to living paycheck to paycheck.

Maddie, Issy, and Taylor hanging out on our new couch.