Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Birthday my little Trey!

Happy 1yr birthday

Trey Daniel Hadley December 27th 2007

Trey announcement

Trey blessing day

Easter time

Started smiling

started to crawl

Love his personality



Celebrating Trey's b-day with my family

He didn't care for his Gluten free cake just the frosting


Monday, December 22, 2008

Fun in the snow!

The last few days we have had a of fun time playing in the snow. Here are some pictures to prove it...

Madelyn loved playing in the snow this year
Mommy and Maddie making snow angels
Wendy pushing Madelyn down on the "sled"

Daddy and Madelyn walking over to meet Avery



Unfortunately Trey did not like it at all

The girls had so much fun

rolling in the snow

Such a sad face... Ready to go home

Friday we went with the Malmbergs to the school for sledding and fun, unfortunately I only got one picture that day its a cute one though.

Gotta love the snowsuit

We had a great time playing with friends, sledding, and sipping hot chocolate afterwards.
Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and happy new year! Stay warm and safe...
Love you all

Friday, December 19, 2008

NYC Continued

Cafe Lalo from the movie "You've got mail"

Our favorite Italian Restaraunt in "Little Italy"

Ground Zero was such a memorable sight

The "old" and "new" Yankee Stadium in the Bronx

Rockefeller Center

We loved every minute of New York and will be back

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


So I decided instead of writing a very long description of our trip, I would post the pictures in place. Since most people enjoy looking at pics more than reading. Enjoy

The day before the BIG day

Adam and Britney are so excited A "Diomond is forever" interviewed them

The Lincoln Tunnel (From Elf)

Here we are outside of Trump International

We just missed the filming of Celebrity apprentice


The cupcakes were mmmm delicious

"FAO Shwartz" the giant toy store

Britney and I at Wicked Jen and I after the amazing show

Adam and Britney December 5th 2008

The Family She is beautiful

The reception in Nazereth Pennsylvania

first dance My new Sister

Dancin Our good friends the Dalley's came from Utah

I love these girls Taking a break from dancing

To be continued tomorrow...